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Leadership For Immigration and Refugee Policy

Department: American Civilization
Of the many contested policy issues that have risen to national attention since Trump's presidency, perhaps none have been as controversial as the issue of immigration. Proposals about "the border wall," deportations, and the banning of entire groups of people have received both praise and criticism. Yet, while debates about immigration policies have intensified,...
American Civilization

Leadership and Global Health

Department: Biology
Despite world-wide advances in technology and development, providing basic health care to people in resource-poor settings continues to pose enormous challenges. Now more than ever, the global community is focused on overcoming inequities in health care and reducing poverty as a means of curbing the spread of disease and improving lives. Building on this momentum, this course...

Leadership and the Future of Science, Technology, and Medicine

Department: Engineering
Scientific discoveries, medical breakthroughs, and emerging technologies have a major impact on our everyday lives in the 21st century. They provide new insight into our complex world and address a range of global needs and problems. Few pre-college students are exposed to cutting edge research that will likely lead to the future of science, technology and medicine. In...

Leadership and Media Literacy in The Age of Fake News and Big Data

Department: Media Studies
Our phones, tablets, and laptops connect us to a seemingly-endless supply of information: ebooks, newspapers, social media, blogs, digital archives, encyclopedias. How do we stay afloat in this constant stream of media? While digital networks provide us with new modes of access and communication, they also present us with new challenges. In a media landscape dominated by...
Media Studies

Leadership and Conflict Resolution

Department: Political Science
Conflict is universal. We encounter it in our daily lives with friends, family-members, classmates and co-workers; in our communities between different interest and identity groups; and at the global level between state or non-state actors. Good leadership is essential at any and all of these levels to ensure that conflicts are dealt with constructively rather than destructively,...
Political Science

Leadership and Global Engagement

Department: Political Science
The world is a complicated place and global leaders must address a dizzying array of domestic and international issues on a daily basis. Their actions are informed by their country’s vital national interests including economics and security, as well as ideological considerations. In this course, we will apply the foreign policy tenets of realism and idealism to better...
Political Science

Sustainable Leadership: Self-Care, Community and Activism

Department: Psychology
The proposed course aims to teach students how to engage in sustainable social justice-based action and activism. Namely, given recent political and social events, there is a new wave of social justice movements across the U.S. from the #BLM movement to #metoo. The visibility of these movements aided by social media, has interested and motivated adolescents to become involved...

Identity, Diversity, and Leadership

Department: Sociology
Who am I and how do my identities shape my life experiences, my worldview, my relationships with others, and the types of opportunities and challenges I face? To work effectively as a leader towards social justice, we must reflect on our multiple and interacting social identities based on race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, class, religion,...

Informed Leadership: Combating Human Trafficking Globally

Department: Sociology
In the past decade, human trafficking has rapidly risen to the top of the global human rights agenda. This course introduces students to the varying definitions of human trafficking in law and practice in a variety of global contexts. It provides an overview of critical debates in "modern day slavery" studies, including: gender, labor, migrant, and sexual rights.


Informed Leadership: The Politics of Science and Society

Department: Sociology
Science and digital technologies have catalyzed often-overlooked revolutions in our day-to-day lives. From the development of the smart phone, to the atomic bomb, to antiretroviral drugs, the social landscape of the 20th and 21st centuries has been shaped by technological, medical, and scientific advancements. And, in the wake of these new breakthroughs, a host of philosophical,...

Leadership and Social Justice

Department: Sociology
Leadership and Social Justice is a course designed to provide engaged students with the tools and theory needed to become successful change makers, activists, and community organizers. This course explores how grassroots movements can transform communities, cultural norms, and global systems. How are campaigns developed, initiated, and orchestrated? What factors determine...

Leadership in Changing Business: Social Entrepreneurship

Department: Sociology
Social entrepreneurship is an exciting and rapidly growing field, which utilizes an entrepreneurial approach to address social challenges and create positive change. Companies such as Patagonia, Warby Parker, and Stonyfield Farms epitomize strong and sustainable organizations, which are creating both social and financial value. This course will provide students with an...

The Global Prison: Leadership for Changing Punishment and Justice

Department: Sociology
Globalization promises new flows of ideas, people, and cultures across national borders. Yet the vast circulation of everything from illicit drugs and oil to refugees and migrants has spurred equally vast networks of punishment.This course examines justice and imprisonment in different countries to allow students to explore the distinct ways societies explain and...

Women and Leadership

Department: Sociology
Despite remarkable progress over the last hundred years, women in the 21st century still face unique challenges in educational, career, social, and political arenas. In this course, students (1) analyze the position and portrayal of women in society, (2) explore how gender and other factors influence women’s leadership styles, and (3) propose strategies to facilitate inclusion...

Creativity and Social Change

Department: Theatre Arts
Are you an artist, musician, dancer, actor, or film-maker? Are you interested in becoming more engaged in social justice work? Are you eager to cultivate your creativity and explore how to combine art with activism? This course will provide an opportunity for students to delve into their own creative practice; to investigate the potential for art and creativity to be a catalyst...
Theatre Arts