Course Catalog: Summer 2019

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Summer 2019 course details are now being finalized.

Those listed below reflect courses offered in 2018 that are expected to run in Summer 2019, as well as new courses we're reviewing. Schedules for all classes will be updated as they are confirmed, so please check back. Admitted students can begin registering in courses on the following dates, when we expect most courses to be confirmed:

December 18, 2018: Leadership Institute, BELL, and On-Location
January 15, 2019: Pre-Baccalaureate, STEM for Rising 9th & 10th Graders, Summer@Brown, Summer@Brown ELL and Summer@Brown Online

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Course Title

Dyin’ Dixie?: Literature and Culture of the Southern U.S.

Race, Gender & Horror: Reading Psychoanalysis in American Film & Fiction

Anthropology of Religion

Girl Power Through the Ages: An Introduction to Feminist Theory and Practice

Moral Medicine: Questions in Bioethics at the Cutting Edge

Ancient Greek Theater Production

Coming of Age in African Literature

Creative Writing Workshop: Fiction

Creative Writing Workshop: Poetry

Experimental Writing

Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

Introduction to Fiction Writing

Introduction to Language and Linguistics

Literature, Culture, and American Identities

Medical Diagnostics: Observation, Interpretation, the Art of Being a Better MD

Narratives of Revolution and (post)Colonialism: Race, Gender, and Human Rights

Party Girls: Feminist Fiction Up Till Dawn, 1815 - 2015

Reading, Writing, Traveling: An Exploration in Creative Nonfiction

Who Are You To Judge? Modernist Fiction and Judgment

Writing Flash Fiction

Writing for College and Beyond

Writing Seminar: Composing the Academic Essay

Writing Seminar: Putting Yourself into Words

Writing Seminar: Writing the Expository Essay

Writing Speculative Fiction

Humanities Seminar: Disruptive Thinkers, Ideological Conflict, and Social Revolution

Logic & Paradox

The Mathematical Proof: Origins, Importance, and Construction

Fiction for Social Change: Building a Shared Analysis of Justice and Community

Work and Its Discontents: Theory, History and Media of Work and Its Refusal

Contemporary Moral Issues

Contemporary Moral Issues: Bioethics and the Ethics of Technology

Happiness: Philosophy and Psychology

How to Live: Ethical Perspectives from Buddhism, Islam, and Native Americans

Science, Perception and Reality

Themes from Existentialism

Quantum Mechanics and the Nature of Reality

Debating Democracy: Reform and Revolution

Ethics and International Affairs

Ethics and Law in Democracy

Political Theory and the Law

Taking Life to Save Life: War, Media and Humanitarianism

Terrorism in the United States

The End of Politics as We Know It? Theories of Control & Resistance in the Digital Age

The Idea of Socialism: Radical Political Theory from Paine to Marx

The Power of Political Ideas

Freud: Psychoanalysis and Its Legacies

From Muhammad to Malcolm: Islam, Race, and Empire

Gender, Race and Class in Medical Research and Practice

Thinking Globally: Colonialism and the Making of the Modern World

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