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Live Like It's 3000 BC: Introduction to Experimental Archaeology

Ancient DNA: Uncovering the Secrets of Our Species

Acid/Base Chemistry: From Food to Everyday Phenomena

Engineering Selfcare - The Science of Cosmetics

Artificial Intelligence: Modeling Human Intelligence with Networks

Crash Course in R Programming

Decoding the Gut Microbiome: An Introduction to Computational Biology

Hiding in Plain Sight: An Introduction to the Art of Cryptography

Introduction to Statistical Programming in R

Introduction to Systems Thinking: Game Design and Learning

Learn to Program in Five Days

An Introduction to Game Theory

Econometrics: Statistical Tools to Understand Economic Data

Introduction to Behavioral Finance

Alternative Energy Engineering: An Introduction

Biomedical Engineering: The Smart Design of Medical Implants and Devices

Engineering Biomedical Systems

Engineering with Arduino: Project-Based Electronics and Programming

Fluid Mechanics Through Hovercraft Physics

Flying Robots: How to Build and Program Small UAVs Using the Robot Operating System

Heart of the Matter: Designing Implantable Devices for the Cardiovascular System

Introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D Printing

Introduction to Engineering and Design

Learning Matlab by Digital Simulation of a 4-Rover Game

Materials Engineering: A Revolution in the Making

Materials Science and Engineering: Designing for Society's Needs

Mechatronic Design for Game-playing Rovers

Renewable Energy Engineering: Wind and Solar Power

Creative Coding: Reading and Writing Web-based Literature Online

Research Methods in Marine Science

Studying the Ocean from the Classroom to the Bay

Tiny Solutions for Big Problems: Introduction to Environmental Nanotechnology

Habitable Worlds: Possible Places for Life in the Solar System and Beyond

Introduction to Modern and Contemporary Architecture

A Closer Look at Infinity with Logic Problems

Applied Linear Algebra

Introduction to Applied Geometry

Introduction to Applied Mathematics: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Logic & Paradox

Mathematical Modeling of Finance: An Introduction to Quantitative Analysis

Number Theory: An Introduction to Higher Mathematics

Probability and Its Applications

Set Theory: The Dazzling Foundation of Abstract Mathematics

Statistics in the Real World

Science, Perception and Reality

An Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism

From Newton to Nanotechnology: History and Applications of Physics

From the Solar System to the Universe: An Introduction to Astrophysics and Cosmology

Introduction to Nanotechnology

Quantum Mechanics and the Nature of Reality

The Quantum Revolution in Technology

The United States Health Care System: Best in the World, or Just Most Expensive?

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