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Summer 2019 course details are now being finalized.

Those listed below reflect courses offered in 2018 that are expected to run in Summer 2019, as well as new courses we're reviewing. Schedules for all classes will be updated as they are confirmed, so please check back. Admitted students can begin registering in courses on the following dates, when we expect most courses to be confirmed:

December 18, 2018: Leadership Institute, BELL, and On-Location
January 15, 2019: Pre-Baccalaureate, STEM for Rising 9th & 10th Graders, Summer@Brown, Summer@Brown ELL and Summer@Brown Online

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Course Title

Global Health: Inequality, Culture, and Human Well Being Around the World

Athlete 101: The Science of Training

Bacteriology: The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly

Behind the Breakthroughs: Using Laboratory Organisms in Biomedical Research

Biomedical Informatics and Data Science for Biomedicine and Health Care

Black Lives Matter Less: How Structural Racism Affects the Health of Black Lives and Communities

Cancer Biology: An Evolving Puzzle

Disease in America: Investigation and Response to Outbreaks

DNA Science: Forensics, Food, and Medicine

Drug Discovery: Treating Human Disease Through Medicine

Engineering Selfcare - The Science of Cosmetics

Hands-On Medicine: A Week in the Life of a Medical Student

Infectious and Epidemic Disease

Introduction to Medicine: Do You Want to Be a Doctor?

Laboratory Research in Biomedicine

Me, Myself and My Microbiome: Meet the Trillions of Microbes You've Unknowingly Been Living With

Modeling Living Systems: The Principles of Life

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry: From DNA to Enzymes

Moral Medicine: Questions in Bioethics at the Cutting Edge

Organic and Biochemistry: Key Pathways to Success for the Pre-Med Student

Research Techniques in Biomedical Fields

Scholar-Athlete: Sport Physiology

Science of Running and Secrets of Elite Performance

Science of Sport Injury & Rehabilitation

Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Techniques in DNA-Based Biotechnology

The Great Diseases: Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Infections

Topics in LGBTQ+ Health

Neuroscience in Action: Understanding Our Brains and Nervous Systems

Neuroscience in Health and Disease

Psychoactive Drugs: Brain, Body, Society

Introduction to Statistical Programming in R

Biomedical Engineering: The Smart Design of Medical Implants and Devices

Engineering Biomedical Systems

Medical Diagnostics: Observation, Interpretation, the Art of Being a Better MD

Applied Statistics

Contemporary Moral Issues: Bioethics and the Ethics of Technology

Conducting Research at the Forefront of Science: Mental Health, Policy, and Social Implications of Cannabis Use in the U.S.

Personality Disorders Through the Lifespan: Phenomenology, Treatment, and Controversies

Psychology and Health: Emotions, Behaviors, and Disease

Scholar-Athlete: Introduction to Sport Psychology

So You Want to Be a Counselor?

Gender, Race and Class in Medical Research and Practice

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