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Black Panthers, Brown Berets: Radical Social Movements of the Late-20th Century

Celebrity in Modern America

Anthropology in and of the City

Anthropology of Religion

Girl Power Through the Ages: An Introduction to Feminist Theory and Practice

Global Health: Inequality, Culture, and Human Well Being Around the World

Humanities Seminar: Everybody Dies: Death and Burial in the Ancient World

Live Like It's 3000 BC: Introduction to Experimental Archaeology

What the “War on Drugs” Never Told Us: Ethnographic Perspectives on the Illicit Drug Economy

Black Lives Matter Less: How Structural Racism Affects the Health of Black Lives and Communities

Moral Medicine: Questions in Bioethics at the Cutting Edge

Free Will and the Brain: Neuroeconomics and the Science of Decision-Making.

Ancient Greek Theater Production

Archaeology of Ancient Greece

Playing with Death: Games in the Ancient World

Behavioral Game Theory: Experiments in Strategic Interaction

Introduction to Economic Growth: Why are Some Countries Richer than Others?

Egyptology: The Pyramids in Context: Between Ancient Mysteries and Modern Myths

Humanities Seminar: Egyptology 101

"All of them Witches!": Race, Gender, and Witchcraft in Popular Culture

“How blue can you get?”: Blues Fiction and Film

Literature, Culture, and American Identities

Narratives of Revolution and (post)Colonialism: Race, Gender, and Human Rights

ReWrite Mississippi: Narratives of Harmony and Hate

"The People Want the Fall of the Regime": Popular Politics in the Middle East and North Africa

A People's History of War in America

Ancient Warfare


Humanities Seminar: Disruptive Thinkers, Ideological Conflict, and Social Revolution

Humanities Seminar: Mythology

Power and the Production of History

Setting Sail: Early American History from the Water

The Wars Within: Patriotism, Protest, and Citizenship in American History

“Double, double toil and trouble”: Witches and Witchcraft, 1450-1700

Introduction to Modern and Contemporary Architecture

A Closer Look at Infinity

Logic & Paradox

"Here's Looking at You, Hollywood": An Introduction to American Film

Fiction for Social Change: Building a Shared Analysis of Justice and Community

From Mayberry to Netflix: Topics in Television Studies, Race, Gender, and Class

The *@#%* Media: Pulling Back the Curtain on Fake News

Arguing About Arguing and Thinking About Thinking

Contemporary Moral Issues

Happiness: Philosophy and Psychology

Implicit Bias - It's Nature and Moral Blameworthiness

Issues in Moral Philosophy: Trust in the Face of Lies, Deception, and Conspiracy

Nevertheless, She Persisted: Current Issues in Feminist Philosophy

Science, Perception, and Reality

Themes from Existentialism

From Newton to Nanotechnology: History and Applications of Physics

Quantum Mechanics and the Nature of Reality

Debating Democracy: Threats and Prospects

Ethics and International Affairs

Great Trials That Changed History: A Judge's Perspective

Introduction to U.S. Law and The Way Lawyers Think

Law, Ethics, and Democracy

Political Theory and the Law

Political Theory Through Science Fiction: Utopias, Dystopias and Allegories

Radical Borderlands: The Philosophy, History, and Literature of Borders and Migration

Terrorism in the United States

The Economics of Racial (In)Justice

The End of Politics as We Know It? Theories of Control & Resistance in the Digital Age

The Idea of Socialism: Radical Political Theory from Paine to Marx

The U.S. In World Politics

Your Body Your Rules: An Interdisciplinary Unpacking of Reproductive Justice

Disasters and Recovery: The psychological traumas of war, displacement and violence.

Existential Psychology and the Search for Meaning

Freud: Psychoanalysis and Its Legacies

Psychology of Good and Evil

Capitalism and the Environment - A Sociological Perspective

Engaging the Sociological Imagination: An Introduction to Sociology

Finance for the Poor: Microcredit, Poverty, and Development

Gender, Race and Class in Medical Research and Practice

Planet Hip Hop: Learning about current politics and social challenges through Hip Hop (and more)

This course looks to interpret some of the increasing complexity of today’s world through the eyes of hip hop artists (especially graffiti writers and rappers) and hip-hop culture, using mainstream news outlets and academic scholarship to provide added or alternative insights. This is a course about hip hop culture and artistry. But it is more than that: It uses hip hop to explore contemporary societies and politics, and how they are interpreted by hip hop artists (who are usually members of a subaltern group of grassroots, engaged, often minority and excluded, agents of social change), and two mainstream sources of opinion-making and knowledge production: media (mainly newspaper) outlets, and academia.

In this survey of contemporary societies and politics, we will study how hip-hop artists and activists, as well as academics and the media, have looked at relevant topics central to studies in the social and political sciences: class, race, ethnic and gender inequality; peace, war and international conflict; the global mobility and trafficking of people (migration) and “goods” (opioids) and its effect for local communities; climate and environmental change; or nationalist and populist politics worldwide, from Brazil to the United States and Europe.

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of the complex world of today and address foundational topics in the social and political sciences through a range of perspectives (academic, artistic, grassroots, media), in a creative way and using sources as varied as newspapers, scholarly texts, and hip-hop lyrics, then this is the course for you.

Altogether, hip hop artists have produced an immense array of material on foundational social and political topics, national and global. [click to learn more]

Tagged With: Contemporary Issues

Social Impact of Natural and Manmade Disasters

Oklahoma! to Hamilton: Race and the "American" Musical

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