Course Catalog: Summer 2019

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Black Panthers, Brown Berets: Radical Social Movements of the Late-20th Century

Black Lives Matter Less: How Structural Racism Affects the Health of Black Lives and Communities

Literature, Culture, and American Identities

Narratives of Revolution and (post)Colonialism: Race, Gender, and Human Rights

Civil Rights and Its Opponents, from the Civil War to Now

The *@#%* Media: Pulling Back the Curtain on Fake News

Contemporary Moral Issues

Contemporary Moral Issues: Bioethics and the Ethics of Technology

Brothers in Arms: War, States, and Human Rights

Creating Change Through Public Policy

Debating Democracy: Reform and Revolution

Law, Ethics, and Democracy

Taking Life to Save Life: War, Media and Humanitarianism

Terrorism in the United States

Conducting Research at the Forefront of Science: Mental Health, Policy, and Social Implications of Cannabis Use in the U.S.

Topics in LGBTQ+ Health

Gender, Race and Class in Medical Research and Practice

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