Course Catalog: Summer 2019

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Marine Invertebrates: Exploring Rhode Island's Rocky Coast

Molecular Biology of Life: From Ancient Bacteria to Animals

Tropical Marine Biology

Zoo Animal Management

Alternative Energy Engineering: An Introduction

Engineering with Arduino: Project-Based Electronics and Programming

Flying Robots: How to Build and Program Small UAVs Using the Robot Operating System

Hovercrafts and High Speed Submarines, How Fluid Mechanics Inform Engineers

Introduction to Engineering and Design

Mechatronic Design for Game-playing Rovers

Renewable Energy Engineering: Wind and Solar Power

Marine Ecosystems in the Balance: Protecting a Changing Estuary

Research Methods in Marine Science

Studying the Ocean from the Classroom to the Bay

Tiny Solutions for Big Problems: Introduction to Environmental Nanotechnology

Habitable Worlds: Possible Places for Life in the Solar System and Beyond

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