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Scholar-Athlete: Back From the Bench: Sports Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

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July 09, 2018 - July 13, 20181M-F 3:30P-6:20POpenPaul Burke

Course Description

Approximately 80% of high school athletes will experience a significant sport-related injury at some point in their athletic career. In this interactive course we will explore the relationship between injury, injury prevention and improving sports performance. This course offers clarity on what really matters in prevention, rehabilitation, and return to sport to enjoy a lifetime of activity.

After a sports-related injury, the most frequently asked questions are: "When can I get back in the game?" and "How do I prevent re-injury?" The focus of this Scholar-Athlete course will be to explore these very important issues that most young athletes will face at some point in their athletic careers.

This course will underscore the rise and predictors of injuries in young athletes. Students will narrate their own sports profiles and collaboratively construct lessons learned in the arena of sports injury and rehabilitation. Students will have the opportunity to perform a movement-based injury prevention screen where they will learn to see movement and performance in a new way while discovering where inefficiency and opportunity await.

Next, students will explore strategies that can speed the rehabilitative process and assist young athletes in overcoming worries related to re-injury and getting back into the game. This course offers a deep inquiry into a theoretical framework for a complete holistic recovery process. Students will describe the structure of rehabilitation phases while recognizing key responses towards athletic injury and recovery.

Finally, students will establish performance benchmarks for successful return to play. Recommendations for where you should spend your time training to enhance skill and performance will also be discussed.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course, but a strong interest or some background in the subject material is expected.