Laboratory Methods in Biomedical Research

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This course is under review for 2021. Course registration will open to accepted students once courses are confirmed.

Course Description

Doctors work to treat diseases, but scientists work to cure them. Have you ever wondered about the work that goes on behind the scenes in Medicine? Do you want to find out what it is like to work in a laboratory and be a real "lab rat"? This laboratory intensive course is designed to expose students to basic laboratory research, current topics, and techniques in molecular biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, and medicine.

While working in the laboratory, students will carry out several introductory and advanced experimental techniques utilizing both DNA and proteins. Experiments will include a variety of methods, including gel electrophoresis, restriction enzyme analysis, amplification of DNA via Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), and an introduction of plasmid DNA into bacteria cells. Students will also be introduced to several advanced procedures that aimed to characterize, analyze and isolate proteins, including SDS-PAGE, ELISA assays and quantitation of protein samples using colorimetric assays and spectrophotometry.

As a result of completing this course, students will gain valuable exposure to a number of techniques utilized in biomedical research laboratories, including micropipetting and gel electrophoresis while working with both DNA and proteins. Students will gain an understanding of the theoretical background associated with the techniques they perform. In addition, they will begin to understand and interpret the results they generate as well as gain experience troubleshooting technical problems if they arise.

Prerequisites: Completion of a high school biology course is required.

Course Information

  • Course Code: CEBI1005
  • Length: 2 weeks
  • Supplemental Fee: $150

Program Information

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