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Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt

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Course Description

Ever wanted to learn about Ancient Egypt? Want to know where the pharaohs were buried? Wonder what Egyptian temples were like? Come learn about the Valley of the Kings, the Great Pyramids, Imhotep, and other things often featured in mummy movies!

In this class, you’ll learn about the art and archaeology of ancient Egypt, including pyramids, mummies, and the Sphinx. This course will cover a large span of Egyptian history, from the Predynastic to Greco-Roman times, and will give an overview of some of the main artistic, cultural, and religious trends. The main focus of this class will be studying the physical remains of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Large scale monuments, tombs and grave goods, town sites, temples, and other material artifacts will be examined in detail with some supplemental texts in translation.

Students will gain knowledge about ancient Egyptian art and archaeology while picking up the skills to recognize and classify objects as well as situation them in the larger context of Egyptian culture. Additionally, students will get familiar with questioning sources and how we know what we know. These skills can be applied to many subjects across the humanities and will benefit students as they go forward with their studies.

Prerequisites: This class is great for anyone interested in Ancient Egypt, ancient history, archaeology, and art history. There are no prerequisites for this class and it is open to all grade levels.