Egyptology 101

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July 08, 2019 - July 31, 20197/08 - 7/31OnlineOpenJessica Tomkins

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Course Description

Pyramids! Hieroglyphs! Cats!
This is a comprehensive introduction to fascinating world of Egyptology, a complete crash-course in the study of ancient Egypt.

This course will guide students through some of the main topics of Egyptological research, including Egyptian religion, history, literature, art and archaeology, daily life, women's lives, hieroglyphs and the practice of collecting Egyptian objects in museums, providing a complete foundation to any further study of ancient Egypt. By heavily emphasizing the use of primary sources (tomb paintings, translations of texts, museum objects) as the basis of our learning, students will learn to critically assess a primary source, a very valuable skill that can be transferred to any other field. Students will also learn to research material objects using online museum catalogs. The research and learning methods of this class will provide students with the foundations needed to succeed in any Humanities course while covering the fascinating subject of ancient Egypt. Welcome to the world of the Pharaohs!

Students will acquire a comprehensive knowledge of ancient Egyptian culture, history, art, archaeology, language, and the history of Egyptology. They will demonstrate the ability to interpret and critique a broad range of primary sources (textual, material, artistic, and archaeological) and learn to use secondary sources critically. Students will demonstrate the ability to develop a historical interpretation based on the evidence. Students will demonstrate the ability to write clearly through assessments and will also demonstrate the ability to express their thoughts and ideas clearly through online discussion forums.

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Prerequisites: Absolutely none!


Course Information

  • Course Code: CEEG0910
  • Length: 3 weeks

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