Egyptology: The Pyramids in Context: Between Ancient Mysteries and Modern Myths

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This course is under review for 2021. Course registration will open to accepted students once courses are confirmed.

Course Description

No ancient world monument is more iconic than the Egyptian pyramids of Giza. Have you ever wondered why Egyptian pharaohs chose to build their tombs as pyramids? How does the interior of a pyramid look like? Are there any secret chambers still awaiting discovery under the Great Sphinx?

In this course, we will shed light on famous pyramid mysteries and tell modern myths apart from the truth. Explore 3D reconstructions of ancient pyramid towns, join a real archaeological excavation in Giza for a day, and discover what was like to live by the pyramids in 2500 BCE without leaving your house! As an Online student, you will be able to set your own schedule and learn all you ever wanted to know about the pyramids from anywhere.

After and while you are completing this course, you will be able to:

· Recognize and understand the history of the most remarkable monuments of Old Kingdom Egypt (2575-2150 BCE) such as the pyramids of Giza or the Great Sphinx. We will also learn about conspiracy theories and discuss why a correct knowledge of the past matters to the modern world.

· Learn what is like to participate in an archaeological excavation in Egypt, consult original reports, and compose your own grant proposal.

· Differentiate between the different kinds of materials that archaeologists can uncover while investigating Egyptian sites, such as mummies, ushabtis or coffins

· Enhance your written and spoken skills, and refine your critical thinking through a podcast recording, short essays, and online discussions with abundant and individualized feedback. Get a real Brown University undergraduate experience to become a top-achiever college student!

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Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course. You will only need a computer with internet access.

Course Information

  • Course Code: CEEG0911
  • Length: 4 weeks

Program Information

[email protected] Online

Non-credit, seminar-style courses in the liberal arts and sciences, taught fully online to students worldwide. For students completing grades 9-12 by June 2021.

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