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Global Climate Change: Fact or Fiction?

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Course Description

So what's really going on? Climate change is an important issue that affects many aspects of our lives, including politics, science, the economy, and more. How can we understand what's happening? How do we gauge how important it is to us? How do we make sense of everything we hear from the media, or from our families and friends?

This is a topic that we can't ignore, and it's important to have the basic scientific tools to understand and form opinions on the complex issue of climate change and recognize why it is so controversial. During this course, we will learn through theoretical principals and laboratory techniques how to explain and interpret current findings, as well as have meaningful discussions about the impacts and solutions of climate change.

To understand climate change, we will start with our climate system, this means exploring the interactions of ice, clouds, oceans, solar radiation and greenhouse gases. In addition to general theories, we will review movies and papers that represent the different positions on climate change. Most importantly, you will experience how real scientists gather data for a climatic variable, by conducting laboratory experiments for temperature reconstruction from marine sediments. With this knowledge, together with discussion and debate, you will be able to form and rationalize your own position on climate change by the end of the week.

This course will expose you to many STEM subjects such as mathematics, physics, geology, chemistry and climatology, as well as gain valuable laboratory experience. In addition, you will practice your presentation, analytical reading, and writing skills. Above all, you will learn to be a critical thinker and understand that climate change is more complex than you may have thought before taking this course.

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this course. Just a willingness to dig into science, understand key evidence and be able to explain and share with others all you learn.