The Cloud Forest: Costa Rica

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Course Description

Study with Brown University in Monteverde, Costa Rica!

Join Brown University in San Luis de Monteverde, Costa Rica to study the cloud forest from a different perspective - high up in the trees! If you are an adventurous and curious person who is passionate about science and nature, this course is for you! Students will study a beautiful and unique ecosystem -the tropical montane cloud forest - and will learn tree climbing techniques in order to study a hyper-diverse canopy community.

The lead instructor, Dr. Sybil Gotsch, has been conducting research in Monteverde's ecosystem since 2012 to understand how on-going changes in climate, such as increases in drought, affects this ecosystem. Students will learn techniques in field biology by directly participating in Dr. Gotsch's research program. Field activities will serve to broaden students' experience in conservation biology and field ecology, and will hone students' ability to observe and understand the natural world.

Students will:
• Understand the importance of the tropical montane cloud forest to biodiversity and water resources
• Learn about the important role of the canopy community to ecosystem functioning in the tropical montane cloud forest
• Practice using hands-on scientific methods
• Participate directly in field-based scientific research

Activities include:
• Tree climbing facilitated by local experts and naturalists
• Up-close exploration of the forest canopy from climbing platforms
• Hands-on field experiment working alongside scientists to examine the drought effects on the physiology of canopy plants
• Guided interpretive hikes in seasonal rain forest and cloud forest habitats
• Lab and field-based observations to explore the diversity of the canopy community

*Although the Costa Rica program is co-educational, the program's cabin accommodation are separated by gender, so it is critical that we track applications/registrations to accommodate the single sex nature of our accommodations.

If you are female, please enroll for CRN 11118.
If you are male, please enroll for CRN 11119.

For more information, please see the program website:

Prerequisites: None


Course Information

  • Course Code: CEES0915
  • Length: 1 week

Program Information

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