Brown Employee Pre-College Scholarships

Brown Pre-College Programs will waive application fees for all dependents of eligible Brown employees who apply, and provide scholarships to those who are accepted to the non-credit, summer Pre-College Programs.

Who can use the Pre-College application fee waiver and scholarships?

Benefit-eligible Brown employees who have completed 6 months of employment at the time of application to the Pre-College Program can use the waiver and scholarships. Their dependents who have completed grades 8-12 are invited to apply to the Pre-College Programs.

What is available?

  • Application fee waiver for each dependent who applies to Brown’s non-credit, summer Pre-College Programs

  • Guaranteed Brown Employee Pre-College Scholarship for 10% of the program fees for each dependent who is accepted to the Programs

  • An opportunity for accepted dependents to apply for a Dean’s Scholarship and to be considered for additional support by demonstrating financial need

Brown Pre-College Programs

Brown Pre-College Programs, the largest and most well-established in the country, introduce young students to the university experience. Each year Pre-College Programs attract about 5,000 students from 74 countries with more than 300 academic courses. Students can study on campus, online, or around the world.

Can the waiver and scholarship be used for all Pre-College Programs?

The application fee waiver, Brown Employee Pre-College Scholarship, and Dean’s Scholarship for Brown Employees are for the following non-credit programs:

  • Summer @ Brown
  • Summer @ Brown Online
  • Brown Leadership Institute
  • STEM for Rising 9th & 10th Graders
  • BELL: Alaska
  • BELL: Florida
  • BELL: Rhode Island
  • On Location: Rome
  • On Location: Segovia
  • On Location: Washington D.C.

What is not included?

The application fee waiver and scholarships cannot be redeemed or directed to other programs, and are not for Brown Summer Session, Pre-Baccalaureate Program, Summer Sports Camps, or pre-college courses offered during the regular academic year. The Brown Employee Pre-College Scholarship covers 10% of the program fees shown on each program's page but does not cover other expenses such as course materials or travel.

How do I get started?

Steps Value Who is eligible To complete
1. Select and apply to a

Pre-College Program

Students completing grades 8-12 Pre-College Programs Application on each program page
2. Request and receive Application Fee Waiver Application fee Brown employees’ dependents who apply During the program application process, select the option to request a fee waiver and answer yes to the question asking if you are a Brown University employee dependent.
3. Complete the Application Fee Waiver Verification Form

Application Fee Waiver Verification Form ยป
3. Receive Brown Employee Pre-College Scholarship 10% of program fees (does not cover travel or other costs) Brown employees’ dependents accepted into the program Guaranteed; no additional application required
4. Apply for Dean’s Scholarship for Brown Employees Award based on financial need Brown employees’ dependents accepted into program who demonstrate financial need Once accepted into a program, students will need to log into the student portal and complete the Financial Aid Application

How will I know if I received a scholarship?

Once a student is accepted and enrolled in the program/course of their choice, fees will be assessed and the Brown Employee Pre-College Scholarship for 10% of the program fees will be posted to the student's account.

Dean's Scholarship applicants will be notified of an award decision 7-10 business days after submitting all scholarship materials.

For any questions regarding the Brown University Employee Dependent Scholarship, application fee waiver, or Dean’s Scholarship, please contact

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