Pre-Baccalaureate Program

University Credit Courses for High School Students

The Brown University Pre-Baccalaureate Program is a highly selective program for rising or recently graduated High School Seniors ready to undertake the rigors of credit-bearing, undergraduate study. Pre-Baccalaureate students – known as Pre-Baccs – enroll in classes alongside Brown and visiting undergraduates in the University’s Summer Session. Courses open to Pre-Baccs are those open to first and second year undergraduates, and span the natural sciences and mathematics, the social sciences, the humanities, and the fine and performing arts.

The program attracts serious minded students – from across the country and around the globe. Together, Pre-Bacc’s form a close community of young scholars, sharing a residence hall and making Brown University’s campus their own and their home for an intense seven weeks. Their interests are as varied as the Brown curriculum, and what they share is commitment to learning and serious study.

Summer Session courses are equivalent to semester-long offerings, compressed into a fast-paced 7 week-long summer schedule. Classes meet approximately 8 hours per week, and require at least as much work outside the classroom. And they are typically small, facilitating close collaboration between and among students and instructors. Pre-Baccs residing on campus are expected to enroll in two courses – equivalent to being a full-time student; commuting students may enroll in one or two courses.

All courses provide Brown University credit and may provide students with advanced standing once they enroll as an undergraduate in a college or university. In most courses, students are evaluated by an A, B, C, or NC (no credit) grade. In some courses (noted in the individual course descriptions), students may choose to be evaluated on a satisfactory/no-credit basis instead, rather than a letter grade. Students may also request that their instructors write a Course Performance Report on their behalf, which in many cases becomes useful when students apply to college.

2020 Program Dates

June 21 - August 7


For rising or recently graduated High School Seniors

2020 Fees

7-week Program
Residential, 2 courses: $12,909
Commuter, 1 course: $4,449
Commuter, 2 courses: $8,764

Information Sessions

For information about how to apply, please click here

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About the Program Director

James Chansky

Associate Dean, Pre-College and Summer Undergraduate Programs

Received his B.A. in Philosophy from Temple University and Ph.D. in Philosophy from Boston College. For 10 years, Jim taught philosophy in a maximum and medium security prison in upstate NY through Skidmore College’s Inmate Higher Education Bachelor’s Degree Program, where he also served as an advisor and administrator. He has also taught philosophy at Boston College and Skidmore College. He has been involved to varying degrees in pre-college education for over 20 years, at Skidmore College and, since 2011, at Brown University. As Assistant Dean, along with three Associate Directors and on Director, he is responsible for Summer@Brown, the University’s Summer Session, STEM, Engineering Programs, Online course delivery and Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and partnerships within the Pre-college Programs.

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