Personal & Community Safety

The safety of our campers is of paramount importance. Below is information about how Brown Sports Camps promote personal safety for its athletes.

Identification (ID) Cards: Each student is issued a Brown University ID card that is the property of the University. This card opens the exterior door of the residence hall and provides access to the computing center, libraries, dining halls, and athletic center. Lost cards should be reported immediately to a member of the residential staff or Brown Card Office There is a replacement charge for lost cards ($20 for the first time; increasing by $15 for each subsequent loss). Students should use only their own card, and never lend the card to another student. If a student has lost their ID Card, they should go to the Brown Card Office, 69 Brown Street- J Walter Wilson 5th Floor Room 511, between 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday. If a student has lost their ID Card outside of those hours, they should contact their Resident Advisor.

Room Keys: Brown University issues one room key to each resident assigned a room in a Brown residence hall during summer months. Students are expected to be in possession of their room key whenever they leave the room. Campers must notify residence life staff of lost or stolen keys.

Every effort will be made to change locks within 24 hours of a report that a room key is missing.

• The cost of a lock change varies depending on the type and configuration of the room. A standard single room lock change fee would be $120 and for a suite could be as high as $460.

• No waivers are given for lost keys/ or lock changes.

Key Return: All camper keys are due immediately upon checking out of her/his room. This is necessary both for reasons of security and to allow the University to prepare the room available for the next resident. Campers receive information about where and how to return keys once on campus.

Residence hall rooms and windows should be locked when not occupied. Residence hall entrances remain locked at all times.

• Campers must check-in with their Residential Advisor by 10:00pm every night. Campers must remain on their floor unit until 6:00am. Adhering to the curfew policy is the camper’s responsibility. Violation of this policy is grounds for disciplinary action and may result in dismissal from the program.  In the event that a camper is absent from the residence hall or floor as prescribed, the camper’s parents/guardian, then the Department of Public Safety will be informed. Repeated and/or serious violations of the curfew could result in dismissal from the program. Adhering to the curfew policy is the camper’s responsibility. While residential staff will take reasonable measures to ensure that campers adhere to the curfew, once a camper has been verified as being within the residence halls at the designated time, it cannot be guaranteed that the camper will not subsequently choose to leave the residence hall area.

Medical Concerns: If a camper becomes ill or injured while at camp, staff should be notified immediately. Onsite athletic trainers should assess any injuries campers experience while participating in athletic activities. In addition, each camper is provided with a wallet sized laminated card with emergency phone numbers at check in should they feel they need medical assistance.

Residence hall rooms and windows should be locked when not occupied. Residence hall entrances remain locked at all times.

Care for personal health is critical. Poor hygiene, nutritional, and sleeping habits can be signs of emotional distress and lead to academic and social difficulties and illnesses. Should a student exhibit behavior which causes the program staff to have a concern for the student’s health, that student may be required to see a healthcare professional for a consultation at Brown University's Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services on campus, or an appropriate non-Brown affiliated clinic off-campus. If relevant staff determine that a student is unable to function independently and needs resources that Pre-College is unable to provide and/or is impacting the community, the student may be asked to leave the program.

Smoking: There is no smoking in Brown University buildings including residence halls or within 35 feet from the entrance to any University building. Smoking is prohibited at program sanctioned events including outdoor events.

Fire safety: regulations must be followed. When a fire alarm sounds, students must evacuate the building immediately. Tampering with fire equipment, including fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and alarm boxes, is a violation of law and carries a fine of up to $1,000. Complete fire safety regulations are posted in the residence halls and are reviewed during meetings with residential staff.

Motor Vehicles: The operation of motor vehicles by residential students is prohibited. Commuter students may only use motor vehicles for transportation to and from Brown. Students who must commute to campus by car are required to purchase a parking permit from the Transportation Office. The Transportation Office is located at J. Walter Wilson Hall. Students are not permitted to transport other students in their motor vehicles. Any questions or concerns regarding the use of automobiles, please call 401-863-5988.

In accordance with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act), the Department of Public Safety is required to publish an annual security report which includes statistics mandated by the Clery Act. The public can obtain a copy of this report by contacting Public Safety at 401-863-3103 or accessing the following web site:


• Campers are urged not to bring valuables to campus. Campers are strongly encouraged to walk in groups and always let someone know where they are going. A camper should not leave the residence hall area alone after dark. Personal and community safety precautions are reviewed thoroughly at orientation and the first floor unit meeting. The University is not responsible for personal property of campers, including items delivered to the University on the camper’s behalf and property in individual rooms. It is strongly urged that all campers have personal property insurance to protect from loss or damage due to theft, fire, flood, vandalism, and any other hazards.

• Any belongings left behind during any such period are and remain the sole responsibility of the registered occupant. The University reserves the right to remove unidentified/unclaimed items from all areas in the residence halls. Students wishing to claim items left behind should contact Facilities Management Services within 48 hours of moving out: (401) 863-7800.

• Campers who are dismissed from the program are responsible for packing their belongings and returning their key to an appropriate staff member. If a camper is not able to pack their belongings before departing from campus, the belongings will be inventoried, packed, and shipped by a third party vendor contracted by the University at the camper’s own expense. The University is not responsible for lost or damaged property that may occur in packing and shipping.

• Lost & Found: The major lost and found locations on campus include:

Office Location Telephone Number
Department of Public Safety 75 Charlesfield Street 401-863-1663
Dining Services 401-863-3343
Brown Sports Camps 401-863-5988
Residential Life Grad Center E: 42 Charlesfield Street 401-863-3502

Bring any lost item found on campus to the Department of Public Safety at 75 Charlesfield Street.