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Experience college and prepare for academic success.

Summer 2019 Application Opens in December

Each summer, serious students choose Summer@Brown to prepare for college success, and meet the challenges of Ivy League academics.

Living and learning on Brown’s magnificent campus, students experience the independence and responsibility of college life, as they make new friends from around the world - nearly all 50 states and 74 countries.

Summer@Brown offers more than 200 courses that reflect the wide range of Brown University’s “open” curriculum - providing students the skills necessary for success in college and guiding them in their exploration of potential majors. Without the pressure of formal grades and credit, students can immerse themselves in subjects they choose and experience the satisfying challenges of college-level academics.

Outside of class, students participate in a rich program of events and activities. Days and nights on Brown’s lively summer campus are filled with workshops, activities and events that help you make friends and prepare for college life.

Take more than one course this summer

Throughout the summer Brown offers multiple start dates and sessions from one to four weeks in length. Many students enroll in multiple sessions to continue study in a single area or explore new subjects. Brown does recommend one course at a time – students taking more than one at a time may find it hard to also take advantage of the numerous extracurricular and social events available on campus.

If you're considering concurrent or overlapping course enrollment, we can help you determine whether undertaking such a course load is advisable. Feel free to contact our office for advising.

Thinking of doing your learning online?

Brown’s online classes are designed as small seminar-style courses that facilitate close communications between students and instructors – and between and among students. The small communities that form in the courses make learning online at Brown not at all the solitary experience many imagine. Learn More »

Want to improve your English? STUDY in English.

For students who are learning the English language along with all their other subjects in school, taking courses taught in English alongside native English speakers can be challenging. Summer@Brown courses particularly appropriate for University-bound non-native English speakers are those taught by instructors experienced in teaching non-native English speakers and include additional language support in higher-level English language skills. These courses, offered in nearly all subject areas, include Intensive English Language classes that particularly strengthen students’ listening, public speaking, reading and academic writing skills. Look for courses that have been designated as Summer@Brown Courses for English Language Learners. Learn More »

Program Dates:

Multiple 1-4 Week Sessions
June 17 – August 3, 2018

Eligibility: For students completing grades 9-12, ages 15-18 by June 2018

Residential Student Fees

1-Week Course: $2,709
2-Week Course: $4,191
3-Week Course: $5,966
4-Week Course: $6,764

Commuter Student Fees

1-Week Course: $2,125
2-Week Course: $3,023
3-Week Course: $4,214
4-Week Course: $4,428

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Life on Campus

Campus Life

A Brown Pre-College experience goes way beyond the classroom.

While classes meet for three hours each day and may require up to three additional hours for out-of-class assignments. Outside the classroom, students participate in popular social and academic activities across campus and in the residence halls – all provided free of charge, and available to all students, whether they are living on campus or are commuting.

Residential Life

Students live in Brown residence halls within walking distance of academic buildings and campus resources, and eat their meals in Brown’s dining halls.

Residence halls are staffed with carefully selected and trained Residence Directors (RDs) and Residential Advisors (RAs), who live onsite and guide students to create a balanced academic and social life.

Students not living on campus are put in touch with an RA for commuting students, so they can also take advantage of the rich variety of offerings outside the classroom.

Campus Events and Activities

At a weekly Activities Fair held on arrival Sundays, students learn about the academic, social and recreational opportunities they can enjoy while at Summer@Brown.

Popular campus events and activities like Carnival, Movie Nights, Talent Show, karaoke, yoga and dance instruction, and tie dying workshops provide students a safe and welcoming environment where they can form friendships and meet other students from around the world.

College Success Programs

Summer@Brown students will prepare for the transition to college and explore academic pathways through academic workshops such as: “Managing your Time”, “Communicating Clearly”, “Listening and Taking Notes”, “Majors to Career Changes”, “Thinking Critically” and "The Annual College Fair" hosted at Brown.

Weekend off-site Excursions

Weekend off-site trips give students opportunities to socialize with new friends and to explore surrounding cities and attractions like Boston, Newport, and Scarborough Beach or a Pawtucket Red Sox Game – with free transportation and the freedom to plan their own schedule.

BeU Organizations

Along with fellow peers and staff, students get involved in organizations they identify with and engage in thoughtful workshops with groups like the Asian Students Organization, International Students - Global Union, Women’s Student Association, Black Summer@Brown Group, and Spectrum LGBTQ.

Recreational Organizations

While having fun and getting good exercise after the hours spent in class, students learn how to work together as a team through such activities as Backyard Sports, Basketball, Soccer, Quidditch, and Ultimate Frisbee.

BeU Lounge Workshops

The Lounge is a collective space for diversity and identity related workshops, supporting education and the expression of various intersectional affinities. Previous workshops have been on “Beyonce on Identity”, “Over the Rainbow”, “Introduction to Intersectional Feminism”, “Religion and Spirituality on Campus”, and “Race/Ethnicity, and Ableism @Brown”.

Beyond the Book Organizations

Finding community through common interests and joining together in fun and interesting activities like Book Bag to Briefcase: How to Seek Internship Opportunities, Art Club - Arts and Crafts, Fun Science Creation, Going Global Studying Abroad, and Wellness-Balance/Academic Social.

Sayles Hall
Sayles Hall

“Exploring widely brings you in contact with ways of seeing and thinking that provide you with an understanding of the interconnectedness of things. It gives you the ability to think clearly and critically about your work and your life. ”

James Chansky, Assistant Dean for Pre-College Programs

Campus Tour
Campus Tour

Campus Resources

Libraries and Study Centers

Brown libraries and study centers are available for research, browsing, or quiet study throughout the summer. Highlights include the John D. Rockefeller Library ("the Rock"), the Sciences Library and the Friedman Study Center, and the special collections at the John Hay Library. Learn More »

The Brown Writing Center

The Writing Center helps students choose and refine topics, and write organized, well-supported, and eloquent essays. The Center offers summer hours especially for Brown Pre-College students.

Computing Labs

Locations across campus offer computers, scanners and printers. If you do not own a laptop there are a limited number available for loan through the Computing and Information Services Department while on campus.

The BeU Lounge

Brown University is committed to diversity and inclusion in Pre-College Programs. The diversity programs held in the BeU lounge are a gateway that provide diversity and inclusion education, resources, tools and forums to pre-college students. Residential Advisors passionate about these subjects will facilitate workshops and roundtable discussions to help students comfortably navigate the diverse world in which we live.

Providence: Historic and Hip

Brown is located in Providence, Rhode Island, the state's capital and largest city. Known as the "Creative Capital", Providence has long been a haven for creativity and innovation. Three-and-a-half centuries of history are alive and well on the streets surrounding Brown, as is evident in the immaculately preserved Colonial, Federal, Greek revival, and Victorian houses of "College Hill".

Thayer Street runs through the center of campus, and where you’ll find the Brown University Bookstore and a host of restaurants, coffee shops, stores, banks, and street vendors.

Admission Criteria

Admission Criteria

Summer 2019 Application Opens in December

Prospective students must apply for admission. When evaluating applications, the Admissions Review Committee looks for academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, social maturity, self-motivation and a readiness for participation in an independent academic environment.

A Complete Application Consists of the Following Items:

  1. A Completed Application Form
    Parents and Students: Please be sure to create only one account per applicant.
    Your application provides basic information about you. In addition, students should be prepared to write an essay telling us:
    • what you hope to learn in the program to which you are applying;
    • why this is of interest to you;
    • what contributions you hope to make;
    • and any further information you want to convey to us.
  2. A Non-refundable Application Fee (payable securely by credit card within the Student Portal)
    One application fee per application submitted
    Before 3/2/2018: $50
    3/2/2018 to 4/29/2018: $75
    4/30/2018 and after: $100
  3. An Academic Transcript or Grade Report
    Applicants must submit grades for the 2017-2018 academic term and two previous academic years. Acceptable forms include, but are not limited to, progress reports, report cards, transcripts and unofficial transcripts. Documentation must include your full name and an explanation of the scoring system in English. Applicants will upload this material in the student portal after they have submitted their application form. Academic records do NOT need to be submitted by your school or guidance counselor.

Please note:

  • In some cases, additional application materials may be requested. Additional materials may include transcripts, essays, or teacher recommendations.
  • Applications will not be reviewed by the Admission Review Committee until they are complete.
  • Program admission does not guarantee enrollment in a specific course.
  • Courses may be cancelled at any time due to unforeseen circumstance.

Notification of Admission Decision

Applicants will be notified by email to log into their Student Portal to view their admission decision once it has been made.

May 2018 Update: Our admissions team carefully reviews each application submitted. Due to the high volume of applications and selectivity of our programs, admissions decisions will be made within fifteen business days of receipt of a complete application.

Confirming Attendance with a Program Deposit

Accepted students must confirm their attendance by submitting a $300 non-refundable program deposit. Students attending more than one program must submit a $300 non-refundable deposit for each program. Students will not be able to enroll in courses until a program deposit is received.


Student and parents are encouraged to review our Policies page to learn about important payment deadlines, refunds, code of conduct, and more.

Important Information for International Students

Brown University Pre-College programs welcome applications from international students. Learn about English language proficiency requirements, Immigration Guidelines, Deadlines for Submitting Documentation, How to Apply for a Visa, and more on our International Students page.

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