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Financial Aid: Dean’s Scholarships

Accepted Pre-College students may apply for Dean’s Scholarships, awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and academic merit. Need is determined by considering several factors, including family income, family size, number of siblings in college, and housing expenses.

International students are not eligible for Dean's Scholarships.

Dean’s Scholarship awards are meant to assist students who could not otherwise attend the Pre-College Program. All students are required to submit a $300 program deposit to confirm their attendance, regardless of award status.

Students will be able to apply for the Dean’s Scholarship once admitted to a 2019 Pre-College program. A link to the application will be available in the student portal. The Dean's Scholarship fund is limited, and we encourage students to apply as soon as they receive notification of their program acceptance.

Awards are made until funds are depleted and funds may be depleted before the submission deadline. We cannot guarantee that all applicants who apply before the deadline will receive scholarship assistance.

PPSD Students: The application for the Providence Public School District Scholarship is still open, students who attend a Providence Public School District School should continue to apply for financial aid if admitted.

How to Apply


Scholarship applicants will be considered for aid once a completed Dean’s Scholarship application has been submitted.

Required Application Materials

  • Students must submit a Dean’s Scholarship application once accepted into a Pre-College program via the student portal.
  • A copy of a filed and signed 2017 or 2018 federal tax return* showing adjusted gross income will need to be uploaded via the application. (Include a copy of each parent's or guardian’s tax return, if filed separately.)
  • Copies of W-2 form(s) from the same year as the submitted tax return will also need to be uploaded.

* Only the first two pages of a 1040 tax return are required, with the "Profit or Loss from Business" page required only if the taxpayer is self-employed. Do not include supplemental schedules, as they are not required for financial aid determination. Please strike out all social security numbers on documentation.

Programs Offering Aid

All Summer 2019 Pre-College programs are offering aid through the Dean’s Scholarship except Brown Summer Sports Camps.

2019 Application Deadlines

The deadline to submit a complete Dean’s Scholarship application was Friday, March 15th, 2019.

The scholarship application is now closed to new applicants. Those who have already submitted a completed application and are awaiting awards will continue to be considered if additional funds become available.

PPSD Students: The application for the Providence Public School District Scholarship is still open, students who attend a Providence Public School District School should continue to apply for financial aid if admitted.

Application Fee Waivers

During the application process, a student can request a waiver of the application fee. These waivers must be validated by the Pre-College Billing Team. Students may request fee waivers for the following reasons:

  • Student is on a free or reduced lunch program
  • Student is enrolled in school in the Providence Public School District (RI)
  • Student is the dependent of a Brown University Employee
    (See the top of this page for a link with more information regarding this option. Your Brown University employed parent or guardian will need to sign into this web page.)
  • Student is associated with a partner organization

Students selecting a fee waiver request for one of the above reasons may be required to submit additional documentation. Communication regarding the fee waiver will be sent to the student once the waiver is requested. If the request cannot be validated, the student will be responsible for paying the application fee. Applications will not be reviewed for acceptance to a program until the waiver is validated or the fee is paid. For any questions regarding fee waivers, please contact


Each year, admitted students work with their extended families, friends, neighbors, schools, and communities to fund program fees and transportation. View our Fundraising Guide for valuable information on how to clarify your costs, define your resources, and set a fundraising goal. In past years, students have been successful in obtaining scholarships from community organizations, local businesses, and private funding agencies willing to fund motivated students.

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