Partner Scholarships

Thanks to the dedication and generous financial support of so many partner organizations, Brown welcomes hundreds of Partner Scholars every summer.

We are thrilled to provide summer learning opportunities to these talented students and grateful, in turn, that we are able to increase the reach of our scholarship dollars. Currently, our partnerships serve to promote access to higher education for students from low-income backgrounds who may also be the first in their families to attend college.

Information for Partner Scholar Nominees

Partner Scholarship eligibility is determined by partner organization nomination. You should only apply if directed to do so by a partner organization.

To ensure that you are identified as a Partner Scholar nominee, simply request the partner fee waiver and select your partner organization when submitting your application.

Partner organizations provide Brown with a roster of Partner Scholar nominees, which allows us to verify your partner status. Students who are not affiliated with a current partner organization should not request this type of fee waiver.

If you are unsure of your eligibility as a Partner Scholar, please contact your partner organization or

In order to qualify for a Partner Scholarship, you must:

  • be nominated by a current partner organization (you will see our list of current partners when you select the partner application fee waiver option in your Pre-College application)
  • demonstrate financial need (as confirmed by the partner organization)
  • complete any financial aid application process that may be required directly by your partner organization (Please note: not all partner organizations require a financial aid application)
  • be admitted into the Brown Pre-College program.
  • Partner Scholarships may only be applied toward one course/program per year.
  • Partner Scholarship awards are applied to program fees and supplemental fees (if any supplemental fees are in place for the course selected). For on-campus residential programs, program fees include the course fee, meals, housing and access to fitness/athletic/aquatics centers. For Brown Experiential Education (BEE) programs and off-campus Brown Environmental Leadership Labs (BELL), program fees include the course fee (which includes meals and housing). For online programs, program fees include the course fee only.
  • Partner Scholarship awards do not cover course materials and textbooks (if any are required for the course selected), Brown-sponsored limited accident and sickness, short-term insurance (which is required only if you do not provide proof that you have health insurance that is accepted in the U.S.), spending money (for shopping, off-campus snacks, purchases of a personal nature etc.), travel to and from Brown’s campus or a BELL or BEE program site and other related travel expenses; however, many partner organizations provide assistance or guidance to Partner Scholars in need of additional support.
  • Partner Scholars are typically able to finance the full billable cost of their Brown Pre-College program through the Partner Scholarship. However, some Partner Scholars may need to pay a small portion of their costs, if required by the partner organization.

You must be nominated by your organization by March 8, 2024 to be considered for a Partner Scholarship. A nomination for the Partner Scholarship does not guarantee admission. Partner Scholar nominees are considered for admission to Brown Pre-College programs based on the same criteria used for all applicants.

If admitted into a Brown Pre-College program, you should accept your offer of admission and enroll in your course through your student portal. Your deposit will be waived automatically. Once you are enrolled in a course, your scholarship will automatically be applied to your account within 1 to 3 business days. You will be able to see the scholarship applied to your account if you sign into E-Bill after March 20.