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Explore new paths and connect with different ways of thinking, seeing, and doing.

If you could take a class in any subject, what would it be? No matter your answer to that question, chances are you’ll find it at [email protected] Choose from more than 200 non-credit courses reflecting the wide range of Brown University’s Open Curriculum that challenge you with new perspectives on how you work, how you learn, and how you live.

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So whether you attend virtually like the more than 3,500 students who joined us online last summer, or in person, as the over 5,000 students who attended residential courses did in previous years, you join a community of peers who bring a broad and deep variety of backgrounds and aspirations. 

Outside of class, you participate in workshops, activities, and events that inform, engage and entertain. Along the way, you make new friends from around the world and learn to live independently and responsibly: skills that prepare you well for life in college and long after. 

You are also able to embrace the challenge of college-level academics without the pressure of formal grades and credit, in classes taught by instructors just as interested in your learning as you are, alongside students just as engaged as you.

What to Study?

Program Snapshot

Students completing grades 9–12, ages 15–18 by June 21, 2021 for on-campus courses.
Students completing grades 9–12, ages 14–18 by June 21, 2021 for online courses.

Choose from among more than 200 courses offered in various lengths and formats (online, on-campus, and hybrid). Note that on-campus course availability is extremely limited.

June 21-August 18

Brown University campus in Providence, Rhode Island or 
Online through Canvas, Brown’s Learning Management System


  • Join a community of young scholars all engaged in the serious fun of learning.
  • Explore the breadth and depth of Brown’s undergraduate curriculum and emphasis on student-centered learning.
  • Experience the satisfying challenges of college-level academics. 
  • Immerse yourself in subjects you choose. 
  • Concentrate on learning without the pressure of formal grades.
  • All students who successfully complete their course will receive a Certificate of Completion. Students who successfully complete a 3-week or longer online course or a 2-week or longer on-campus course will receive a Course Performance Report.



Taking part in [email protected] on the Brown University campus will give you a real taste of what college life and learning is like on an Ivy League campus. You have the opportunity to experience first-year undergraduate study at Brown, through which you also get to experience Brown’s student-centered learning.

A typical day

You will be in class for three hours daily, five days a week – along with about three additional hours of outside study time each day too. Expect to be challenged and to engage with your instructor and fellow students by asking questions and being asked questions, actively joining class discussions and group work as well as individual study.  When and where you study is up to you, and you’ll need to figure out how you will complete your out-of-class work while still engaging in all the Student Life activities, workshops and events taking place throughout each day. No matter when your class meets – morning, early or late afternoon – you’ll have the opportunity to engage with students taking other courses too, through a variety of activities that help you grow as a student and as a person. See Life on the Brown Campus for more information.


When you take a [email protected] online course you have the freedom to decide when and where you learn. With more time to reflect, read and write, you can enhance important critical thinking skills. You also have the opportunity to strengthen your capacity for self-discipline and personal responsibility; skills necessary to excel in all learning environments. By taking an online class you also become more comfortable with online learning – a format that is becoming increasingly important both in and out of school.

A typical day

Online courses are designed for active learning and you decide each day when you work on the course. Plan to spend a couple hours each day (and about 15 hours per week) on a variety of course activities. One day you might watch videos recorded by your instructor and engage in written discussions or peer review sessions with classmates. On another day, you might do some independent reading, attend a scheduled session with the entire class, listen to a guest lecturer, view a video demonstration or meet in small groups. Online classes are also small, so you get to have close contact with your instructor and fellow students.
And outside of “class,” you have the opportunity to meet students taking other courses through various activities that help you grow as a person. See Your Virtual Community for more information.

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