Providence Public School District (PPSD) Scholarships

PPSD students who demonstrate financial need may be eligible for partial or full scholarships to a Brown Pre-College program.

In partnership with the Providence Public School District, Brown Pre-College Programs seek to increase district student access to rigorous academic and college preparatory opportunities offered through our courses and extra-curricular experiences.  

If you attend a PPSD school (as listed on this page), you will be eligible to apply for a PPSD Scholarship as soon as you submit your program application. At that time, a link to the scholarship application will become available in the Financial Information tab of your student portal. Although the scholarship application will be available for completion before an admission decision is made, a scholarship decision will only be sent to you if you are admitted to the program. Scholarship information is reviewed confidentially by the scholarship team only and does not influence admission decisions. 

Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need. Need is determined by considering several factors, including family income, family size, number of siblings in college and housing expenses.

High Schools

  • 360 High School
  • Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School
  • Providence Career & Technical Academy (PCTA)
  • Central High School
  • Classical High School
  • E-Cubed Academy
  • Hope High School
  • Mount Pleasant High School
  • The William B. Cooley Senior High School and The Providence Academy of International Studies at the Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex
  • Times 2 STEM Academy High School

Middle Schools

  • Nathan Bishop Middle School
  • DelSesto Middle School
  • Nathanael Greene Middle School
  • Esek Hopkins Middle School
  • Gilbert Stuart Middle School
  • West Broadway Middle School
  • Roger Williams Middle School
  • Times 2 STEM Academy Middle School

In order to qualify for a PPSD Scholarship, you must:

  • attend a PPSD school, as determined by your most recent transcript
  • demonstrate financial need
  • be accepted into the Brown Pre-College Program
  • complete the PPSD Scholarship application by the scholarship application deadline

Application deadline extended to: April 29, 2022

  • Upon submission of a Pre-College program application, a scholarship application link will become available in the Financial Information tab of your student portal.
  • You are encouraged to apply as soon as possible as scholarship funds are limited and are disbursed on a first-applied-first-awarded basis, until funds are exhausted.
  • Awards are made until scholarship funds are depleted, which could occur before the application submission deadline.
  • We cannot guarantee that all applicants who apply for aid will receive scholarship assistance.
  • Award notifications are sent out to admitted students on a rolling basis, usually within 3-5 business days of when we receive your completed scholarship application. Scholarship award notifications will not be sent out before an admission decision is released.

Award amounts vary depending on your family’s calculated ability to pay and the cost of the program/course.  

PPSD Scholarships can be applied to only one course per year and cover program fees and supplemental fees (if any). For on-campus residential programs, program fees include the course fee, meals and housing. For Location-Based programs, program fees include the course fee (which includes meals and housing). For online programs, program fees include the course fee only. 

PPSD Scholarships do not cover:

  • course materials and textbooks (if any)
  • Brown-sponsored limited accident and sickness, short-termi nsurance (which is required only if you do not provide proof that you have health insurance that is accepted in the U.S.)
  • pre-arrival COVID-19 testing and vaccinations (if required)
  • spending money (for shopping, off-campus snacks, purchases of a personal nature, etc.)
  • travel to and from campus or a location-based site, and other related travel expenses.
  • Upon submission of a Pre-College application, a scholarship application link will become available in the Financial Information tab of your student portal.
  • Complete the scholarship application. Only completed scholarship applications will be reviewed. 
  • Supporting documentation is generally not required, but may be requested at a later date if clarification is needed in order to determine your scholarship eligibility. If this happens, we will provide you with a secure link to upload the needed material. Tax documents should never be sent by email.

If offered a PPSD Scholarship, you will accept the award by replying to the email containing your scholarship offer and registering for a course within the time period specified in your award letter.  Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the award.