Summer@Brown Online

Accepted student information for Summer@Brown Online.

Welcome to Brown University Pre-College Programs

We are thrilled you will be attending a Brown Pre-College program! In your online course you will be engaged with robust academics balanced with activities, meeting classmates from all over the world and discovering your capabilities.

Please view our Summer@Brown Information Session for more program details.

Important Dates

Be sure all of your forms and payment are completed by their assigned deadlines:

  • May 25: Full payment
  • June 3: All required forms 

Students registered after these deadlines are expected to complete form requirements and make payment within 48 hours of registration.


Forms are submitted electronically through DocuSign, an electronic signature provider where you can digitally fill out and sign our required forms. Most forms include sections for both students and parents/guardians to complete.


You should log in to your student portal to complete your pre-program requirements. Parents and guardians also receive a checklist of items to complete, which are sent via email. Please remind them to check their email accounts for this important information that requires action.

The usernames and passwords associated with your Brown email address will be needed prior to and during your course time. Please be sure to document all usernames and passwords.

Accessibility Services

If applicable: Students may request accommodations based on a learning, psychological and/or physical disability, including medical conditions. Please be aware that all accommodation requests will be considered, however, there may be limits as to what can be provided without sufficient notice. Please email if you have any questions or to request an accommodation by June 3.

The week before your online course begins will serve as the course orientation, during which you will get to know Canvas (Brown's learning management system), review course expectations and strategies for your success, learn about your instructor(s) and classmates and help them to learn a bit about you. These activities should take you just a few hours that week to complete at your own pace. We suggest you complete your orientation by Friday at noon. We will send you an email the morning your orientation begins with instructions explaining how to access your course and begin orientation activities.

You will begin working with your instructor and classmates on the course itself on the course start date listed in the Catalog.

You should plan to log into your course at least once each day to complete daily assignments and plan time to complete upcoming projects and meet deadlines. Expect to spend 15 to 20 hours per week engaged with course materials and plan your schedule accordingly. In addition to the daily check-in, if you are enrolled in a blended course you are required to review all asynchronous content and to attend 1 to 3 pre-scheduled live sessions each week. If you are enrolled in a mostly asynchronous course you are required to review all asynchronous content and you will have the opportunity to attend a few optional live sessions and/or to review the recordings of those sessions.  

General Academic Resources

  • Students will have access to course-specific resources virtually in Canvas.
  • All active students are able to access University Library resources virtually. To visit the Brown University Library follow the link here.

Writing Center appointments are available to all Pre-College students to assist with written assignments. Please follow the link here for details and an appointment request form.

Inactive Online Students

Students are expected to remain active in their online course, engage with course material and complete all course assignments on time. Inactivity in a course without communication with the instructor will result in a student being dropped from the course. Students dropped for lack of participation are not eligible for a refund.     


Online students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, including social events, workshops, mentor groups and webinars. Registration for these events will be available in the student portal.

Code of Conduct

Please review the Brown Pre-College Code of Conduct and associated policies.

Financial Information

Please review our financial policies, including payment and refund information.

Course Completion Materials

If you successfully complete an online course that is 3-weeks or longer, you will receive a Course Performance Report from your instructor and you in turn will be asked to complete a course evaluation. If you successfully complete your online program you will receive a Certificate of Completion. All completion materials including the Course Performance Report will be sent out in early September. The certificate will be sent via US Mail to your listed address and the Course Performance Report will be sent electronically to the email address we have on file for you.