DéRecco Lynch

Director, Enrollment Management


DéRecco Lynch’s assertive approach and naturally tailored presence complement his proven record of professional stewardship within leadership teams, his strategic niche mapping skills, and his creative wisdom in crisis management and prevention.  A bold but calculated risk-taker, DéRecco has garnered the tools to function efficiently, particularly in high-stress situations, by identifying dissociating areas between organizational behavior and strategic systems implementation. 

His current appointment as the Director of Enrollment Management of Pre-College Programs at Brown University is preceded by a decade of experiences in admissions, advising, diversity, recruitment, college access, student affairs, and event planning that fill a menu of rich professional roles coupling his natural talent with practical tactics for maximized performance.  If understanding organizational behavior includes the consideration of people, structure, technology, environmental and external elements, then DéRecco approaches his work by immersing himself in comprehensive studies of departments, student life-cycles, and other spaces in his care. He has garnered a lauded track record of noteworthy performances at universities and community-based organizations.  His purpose-driven accolades highlight his thoughtful direction in institution-wide strategic planning; targeted event execution; training high-performance teams; result-driven branding and marketing campaigns; increasing recruitment and focused retention--all of these he has executed from a culturally-responsive lens and with regard to responsible fiscal oversight.  

A native of Charleston, WV, DéRecco earned his B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Educational Leadership from Marshall University. He is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Education as a candidate in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Missouri. Besides his formal academic training, DéRecco is intentional about the consistent elevation of his skill set as an activator and systems enterprise arranger, who is well trained in strategic command steeped in community engagement.  DéRecco centers the experiences of people--whether stakeholders, participants, or the clients he serves--people remain the ultimate focus of his output. In all of these spaces, DéRecco’s vision remains at the cutting-edge of innovative improvements resonating his personal commitment to effective and efficient designs of equitable education access, rich personalized experiences, and positive global impact.