Brown Experiential Education: Oxford

Immerse yourself in the field of public policy as you explore Oxford and London, England.

The 2024 BEE program is at or near capacity and is no longer accepting applications or enrollments. You may choose to enroll in any other available course in the 2024 Course Catalog provided that you meet the age requirements.

Explore Oxford University’s storied campus and surrounding historical sites while studying public policy. Learn from world-class researchers while discussing international events with noted experts from around the globe. Oxford University is a prime location for practitioners at the top of their fields in global policy, economics and politics. Your learning will not be limited to the classroom, as you travel around Oxfordshire and London.

The best public policy is designed from a comparative perspective. You will learn to design and frame policy that considers the larger regional, as well as political context directly from those who work in government. In addition, you will understand how to design policy that is persuasive to decision makers. Finally, you will practice conducting comparative stakeholder analysis that brings regional, political and government actors into focus to design better policy.

Program Snapshot


Students completing grades 10 to 12, ages 16 to 18 by June 18, 2024


12 day program


Monday, July 8 to Friday, July 19, 2024


Oxford, England


  • Immerse yourself in the study of public policy while exploring Oxford and London, England.
  • Engage with leading experts on topics related to international and economic affairs.
  • Join a community of young scholars discovering the interconnectedness of the global community while experiencing life in another country.
  • Develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to approach the complexities of the 21st century as you discover new places and consider varied perspectives. 
  • Concentrate on learning without the pressure of formal grades.
  • Receive a Course Performance Report and Certificate of Completion when you finish.


Course: Designing Policy for the Future

Reading the news today, one is confronted by an avalanche of challenges, big and small, that threaten our current way of life. From climate change to crumbling infrastructure, crippling inequality, global pandemics and racial and social injustice our society faces a vast array of problems that hold the potential for significant consequences to future generations. We must only look to the incredible progress that we've made over the last century — from ending the Cold War to enacting civil rights in the U.S. and international space exploration — to remember that lasting change can start even in the unlikeliest of places, with one person who dreams of making the world a better place.

This course, Designing Policy for the Future, provides a roadmap to empower you to make a difference in the world. The goal of this course is to deepen your understanding of how public policy, as in the solutions to problems that our communities confront, is developed. This course is designed with a particular emphasis on political actors, institutions and the broader global context in which policy is enacted and implemented. From interest groups to political leaders and the role of the media in foreign affairs, we will continually ask: how and why do some issues gain traction with the general public (and decision-makers) and others ignored? We will examine how public policy is crafted, negotiated and enacted. It is a complicated story — one worth understanding. This course will provide future leaders with conceptual tools for analyzing the environments in which policy is made.

  • You will reside on the St. Edmund’s campus, located in the historic city of Oxford in double rooms and share common bathrooms.
  • The On-Site Director, On-Site Coordinator and Student Life Managers reside in the residence hall with students, providing an atmosphere that supports your success by emphasizing community building and individual responsibility.
  • You’ll have most meals in the St. Edmund’s dining hall. A few meals will be at local eateries in Oxford and London.

Site visits are designed to provide opportunities for you to immerse yourself in the field of public policy. Please Note: this is a sample of planned activities and is subject to change.

  • Take up global economics with geopolitical experts from Oxford Analytica. 
  • Engage with an Oxford based non-profit to learn about their work. 
  • Attend a public policy lecture given by an Oxford University professor related to their research area.
  • Discuss research methodology with a Principal Investigator of one of the UK’s oldest running surveys.  
  • Tour the Palace of Westminster where the the Houses of Parliament are located to gain understanding of how Britain works (and doesn’t work). 
  • Engage an elected official and discuss current public policy and world events. 
  • Confer with an economic think tank in “The City” (London’s financial center) to delve into the impacts of Brexit. 
  • Visit historical sites such as Blenheim Palace and Windsor Castle.

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Note: This information is for Brown Pre-College’s BEE Program for high school students. If you are looking for information about Brown Semester Internship Programs, Brown’s semester-long internship program for undergraduates, please follow this link.