Brown Employee Dependent Scholarships

Qualified Brown University employee dependents are eligible for an application fee waiver, and if admitted to a summer Pre-College program, are guaranteed to receive a 25% Employee Dependent Scholarship.

Brown employee dependents are also eligible to apply for a Sibley Scholarship if they would like to be considered for additional need-based support.

Student must be the dependent of a benefits-eligible Brown employee who has completed at least six months of employment at the time of the student’s application to the Pre-College program. 

There is no Employee Dependent Scholarship application deadline. However, students are encouraged to apply early for the best selection of available courses. 

Brown employee dependents who also plan to apply for a Sibley Scholarship should take note of that deadline: March 4, 2022


  • Employee Dependent Scholarships may only be applied toward one course per year, regardless of the number of courses a student enrolls in.
  • Employee Dependent Scholarships are calculated as 25% of the student’s program fees. For on-campus residential programs, program fees include the course fee, meals and housing. For Location-Based programs, program fees include the course fee (which includes meals and housing). For online programs, program fees include the course fee only. 
  • Employee Dependent Scholarships do not cover course materials, Brown-sponsored health insurance (if student does not already have proof of domestic insurance), spending money (for shopping, off campus snacks, etc.), travel to and from campus or a Location-based site and other related travel expenses.
  • Employee Dependent Scholarships are not available for the Pre-Baccalaureate Program.

During the application process, select the option to request an application fee waiver and answer ‘yes’ to the question asking if you are a Brown University employee dependent. This will bring you to a verification form. The form will require entry of your parent/guardian’s Brown email address, job title, department and 6-digit Workday ID, which can be found to the right of their name when signing in to Workday.

You will be notified of your fee waiver approval or denial in your student portal. Once approved, your application will move to the admission queue for review (if complete). If you are accepted to a program and register for a course, the Brown Employee Dependent Scholarship will be applied to your account.

No action is required in order to accept the Employee Dependent Scholarship. The 25% award will automatically be applied to your student account within 5-7 business days of course registration.