Brown Employee Dependent Scholarships

Qualified Brown University employee dependents are eligible for an application fee waiver, and if admitted to a summer Pre-College program, have the option of a 20% non-taxable Employee Dependent Scholarship or a 50% partially taxable Employee Dependent Scholarship (30% is taxable to the Brown employee).

You must be the dependent of a benefits-eligible Brown University employee who has completed at least six months of employment at the time of your application to the Pre-College program.

There is no Employee Dependent Scholarship application deadline; however, in order to receive the additional 30% taxable scholarship, arrangements must be made with the payroll office by May 16 (see “Accepting a Brown Employee Dependent Scholarship” below). You are encouraged to apply early for the best selection of available courses and to allow time for the scholarship to be applied to your account before the payment deadline.

  • Employee Dependent Scholarships may only be applied toward one course per year, regardless of the number of courses a student enrolls in.
  • Employee Dependent Scholarships are calculated as 20% or 50% of the student’s program fees, depending on which scholarship option you choose. For on-campus residential programs, program fees include the course fee, meals and housing. For Location-Based programs, program fees include the course fee (which includes meals and housing). For online programs, program fees include the course fee only. 
  • Employee Dependent Scholarships do not cover course materials, supplemental fees (if any), Brown-sponsored limited accident and sickness, short-term insurance (which is required only if you do not provide proof that you have health insurance that is accepted in the U.S.), pre-arrival COVID-19 testing and vaccinations (if required), spending money (for shopping, off-campus snacks, purchases of a personal nature, etc.), travel to and from campus or a Location-Based site and other related travel expenses.
  • Employee Dependent Scholarships are not available for the Pre-Baccalaureate Program.

Near the end of your program application, you should select the option to request an application fee waiver and select Brown Employee Dependent as your qualifying reason. This will bring you to a verification form. The form will require entry of your parent/guardian’s Brown email address, job title, department and 6-digit Workday ID, which can be found to the right of their name when signing in to Workday.

You will be notified of your fee waiver approval or denial in your student portal. Once approved, your application will move to the admission queue for review (if complete).

If you are accepted to a program and register for a course, the 20% Brown Employee Dependent Scholarship will automatically be applied to your account within 3-5 business days of course registration - no action is required.

The remaining (optional) 30% scholarship is a taxable fringe benefit, so some action is required before we can apply it to your account. The Brown employee (parent or guardian) should contact Christina Kaiser, Assistant Payroll Manager at Brown to discuss the tax implications of the additional scholarship. While Christina cannot discuss tax implications specific to your situation, she will be able to provide an estimated impact on the employee’s pay. The Payroll Office will notify the scholarship team once the employee has communicated with them and has provided written authorization for additional tax withholding. At that time, we will add the additional scholarship to your account. The associated tax deduction will be processed in a June paycheck.

The additional 30% scholarship is completely optional and some individuals may prefer not to take it due to the tax implications. If that is the case, please email us at to let us know.