Commuter - Summer@Brown On Campus

Enrolled student information for Summer@Brown.

Welcome to Brown University Pre-College Programs

We are thrilled you will be attending a Brown Pre-College program and joining the University community! You will engage in a robust academic program balanced with activities, meeting new friends and discovering your capacity to learn every day. Please review these pages carefully with your family and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Students and families can speak with a Program Advisor by calling 401-863-7900 during business hours (Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST) or by email at


Important Dates

Be sure all of your forms and payment are completed by their assigned deadlines:

  • May 24: Full payment for Summer@Brown program courses
  • June 2: All required forms for all students

Students registered after these deadlines are expected to complete form requirements and make payment within 48 hours of registration.


Please log in to your student portal to complete your pre-program requirements. Parents/guardians also receive a checklist of items to complete, sent via email, so please remind them to check their email accounts for this important information that requires action.

The usernames and passwords associated with your Brown email address will be needed prior to and during your course time. Please be sure to document all usernames and passwords.


Forms are submitted electronically through DocuSign, an electronic signature provider where you can digitally complete and sign your required forms and waivers, as well as upload your required Physician’s Immunization and Medical Record, signed by a medical provider. Most forms include sections for both students and parents/guardians to complete.

Accessibility Services

If applicable, you may request accommodations based on a learning, psychological and/or physical disability, including medical conditions, temporary injuries and significant food allergies. Please be aware that all accommodation requests will be considered, however, there may be limits as to what can be provided without sufficient notice. Be sure to submit your requests using the Medical Authorization and Health History Form by June 2. Please email if you have any questions or concerns.

COVID-19 Information 

Please visit our FAQ page for updates and information about Brown Pre-College Programs preparedness, action and response to COVID-19.

Proper Attire for Laboratory-Based Courses 

Students completing coursework in laboratories or who will be enrolled in a course that will take them into the Brown Design Workshop should keep in mind there are established practices for lab and workshop attire. Closed-toed shoes or sneakers and long pants are required. Sandals, shorts, skirts or tank tops may NOT be worn in either setting. Students with long hair should be prepared to tie their hair back for safety reasons as necessary and as required by your instructor.

Spending Money 

Students will have access to the Brown University dining halls for one meal a day and all program activities and excursions are free of charge so the need for spending money will be minimal. However, if you want to make purchases at the Brown Bookstore or local shops or dine at local restaurants during your free time, spending money may be necessary.

Check-In Day and Orientation

Check-In Location: Sayles Hall, on the Main Green
Check-In Time: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST, Sunday prior to the start of your course or program


When you arrive on campus, go to Sayles Hall to check-in. Check-in tables will be located in Sayles Hall, which is on the Main Green. 

The Main Green is bordered by Thayer Street, Waterman Street, Prospect Street and George Street. Please do not utilize Waterman Street as a drop-off location as it is a main artery in the city of Providence and can quickly get backed up. Please park your car in the Power Street lot or the surrounding area (see ‘Parking’ below). You do not need to bring anything with you on Check In day other than some money to purchase required course materials, if needed, from the Bookstore. Program staff will be available to direct you as you navigate the campus and answer any questions you may have.

Upon check-in, you will receive: 

  • Brown ID card;
  • lanyard on which to attach your Brown ID card;
  • campus map; and
  • other pertinent materials.

Once you are checked-in, there will be a Parent/Guardian and Student Orientation we ask you to attend. Details about orientation times will be provided at check-in. In the event that you are unable to attend the Parent/Guardian Welcome Orientation Session in person, please be aware that the presentations are Live Streamed here (the morning of check-in) and the recorded versions are also available here.

An additional student orientation will be held later in the day on Sunday including an informal tour of campus and dinner with a student life staff member and other commuter students. This orientation is optional but it is a great way to get to meet other students studying on campus before your course begins. The specifics for orientation will be provided when you check in at Sayles.


Commuter students may bring motor vehicles to transport only themselves to and from campus. The Power Street parking garage, located at 111 Power Street, Providence, RI 02903, is our preferred parking location for students, families and guests. The garage entrance is located at the intersection of Power and Thayer Streets. The Main Green, where Pre-College check-in is located, is a short walk from there. Families and guests may park at this location for no fee on check-in days. We ask that all cars be moved from the parking garage no later than 8 p.m.

If the parking garage is full when you arrive, please find street parking in the surrounding area. Street parking is free on Sundays, but please be mindful of local signage.

Useful Links:

Campus Tours

Campus tours for students and their families will be available at multiple times between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. on check-in day. Details regarding tour times will be provided two weeks prior to check-in. Should you be unable to join a tour on Sunday during check-in, you are always welcome to sign up for a tour through the Admissions Office during your time on campus.

Late Arrival

You should make every effort to check-in between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. EST on Sunday before your course(s) begins so that you can participate in orientations that provide important information, community-building activities. If you are arriving after 1 p.m., you will check in with the Pre-College Student Life Housing team to access your check-in materials on Monday before your course begins. Please email with the time of your late arrival and arrival instructions will be provided.

Check-In for Students Participating in Consecutive On-Campus Courses/Programs

Students are expected to check in for each program at Sayles Hall on the Sunday before their program begins. If you are interested, you will be more than welcome to join our orientation sessions for each check in but the information covered will be the same each Sunday.

On Campus Spaces

Commuter students are welcome to utilize on campus, public spaces to study, collaborate and connect with peers. In addition to academic buildings, the Stephen Robert ‘62 Campus Center and University Libraries are open to commuter students and offer individual and group spaces.


You will learn quickly how—and how necessary it is—to balance your academic responsibilities with out of the classroom engagement in a new community. Summer@Brown students will be able to make their own decisions throughout each day about how they spend their time. Time management is a skill that will serve you well once in college, so learning this skill by practicing it while in high school is highly beneficial. At a minimum, you will be expected to attend 3 hours of class each weekday; complete 2 to 3 hours of out of class work each day, sometimes with classmates; understand the dining hall locations and hours so you are able to eat while on campus each day, keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and make sure you get a good night of sleep. We also hope that you will take advantage of the many extra-curricular activities that will be available to you.

While a lot will be expected of you as a Summer@Brown student, you do so with the help of a team of carefully selected and trained staff. Brown University’s Pre-College Student Life staff includes year-round staff, Student Life Managers who often work with K-12 students throughout the year, Coordinators who are primarily enrolled in graduate degree programs in student affairs or higher education, Resident Assistants, who are generally college-aged, support the residential experience and live with students as well as staff supporting campus-wide events and housing operations.

These skilled and caring staff help you learn how to balance the competing demands of an exceptionally rich and rewarding academic and social life and serve as a resource for support in guiding you to resources around campus and in choosing student organizations to join and helping with both emergency and non-emergent needs. Our primary goal is to create a safe atmosphere which supports student success. Additionally, the residential staff's emphasis on community-building and individual responsibility encourages students to develop these necessary skills and capacities in a way that is as enjoyable as it is rewarding. You will meet our student life staff at your student orientation and at any events or activities you choose to participate in.

Contacting Pre-College Students

You and your parents/guardians may find that cell phones are the most convenient option for keeping in touch. Except in emergency situations, Brown University staff cannot honor requests to locate a student; hence, our request is that prior to the start of the program you and your parents/guardians arrange the frequency and methods for keeping regular times to be in touch while you are attending. If there is an emergency situation in which a student needs to be contacted, parents/guardians can contact the Brown Department of Public Safety: 401-863-3322 and ask to speak to the Student Life Manager on Call. Please note in your call that the student is a commuter student. If you have any non-emergency questions or concerns, please contact the Pre-College office at 401-863-7900 Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST.

Personal Health and Medical Emergencies

If you have a minor health concern, you can be seen at Brown University’s Health Services Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST. Should you need to visit Health Services, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment by calling 401-863-3953. Nursing advice is available 24/7 at 401-863-1330, and certified first aid staff are also available to assist on evenings or weekends. If you require non-emergency care from a healthcare professional outside of Brown University Health Services hours, you may also be taken to a local Urgent Care facility. In the event of a medical emergency, you will generally be transported to Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence.

You are responsible for safely storing and taking your own prescription medication. If you are not accustomed to managing your own medication you should work with your family to determine the best approach to do so during the program.

Class Attendance

Instructors will take attendance during each class.  

Summer@Brown courses are intensive learning experiences where you will spend 3 hours in class each weekday. Students are required to attend class. Absence or inactivity within your course may result in a dismissal from the program. Students dismissed for reasons of absence or inactivity will not be refunded. Missing classes jeopardizes your ability to engage successfully and complete course work. Many classes also involve group work, and missing classes can also negatively impact the learning experience of other students in your class.

Outside of Class Expectations

You will be expected to complete at least 2 to 3 hours of homework each day. This work may include readings, group projects, writing assignments and presentations. 

Academic Resources

  • Course Materials: You are notified via your student portal at least two weeks prior to the start of your course regarding books or materials that you need to purchase. Other course specific supplies will be provided, if applicable. You should come prepared with pencils/pens, a notebook and any other essential items that you need for note-taking.
  • Canvas: You will have access to course-specific resources virtually in Canvas.
  • Libraries: All active students are able to access University Library resources virtually and in-person. To visit the Brown University Library follow the link here. If you request to borrow books from the library, they can be picked up in the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Library Lobby at 10 Prospect Street.
  • Writing Center: You can make an appointment to request support with writing assignments. Please follow the link here for details and an appointment request form.
  • Instructor Office Hours: Office hours are a regular part of learning in universities. They are not the same as needing to meet with a teacher in high school because there is a problem. During office hours you can obtain support regarding key questions that you would like to expand your learning on and have the opportunity to build a relationship with your instructor. Instructors will share their available Office Hours with you during the first course and likely in the syllabus. We recommend you take advantage of these opportunities.


Upon arrival you will be provided access to an in-person activities and excursions calendar. Registration for virtual workshops, mentor groups and webinars will be available in the student portal.

You will also have access to the Nelson Fitness Center, including their pool and fitness classes throughout the duration of their program. For more information about their offerings, please visit the Brown Recreation website


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in two of Brown’s dining halls daily.

One meal a day is included in the cost of commuter student program fees. 

Dining Services Information 

There are resources to help you with food-related allergies, dietary restrictions and other needs for accommodations to navigate the options in the dining halls. Prior to arrival, you should familiarize yourself with Brown’s dining website which provides information about the various dietary options available. This site also includes icons for specific food types (e.g. gluten free) that are consistent with those found in the on-campus dining locations. Brown offers a variety of options and signage that allow many students to manage without additional accommodations. Students with any food restrictions are encouraged to utilize the Brown Dining My Meal site while on-campus. This tool is designed to help you make educated food choices in Brown’s dining halls and includes specific ingredients used in all available dishes.

If you have a food allergy, dietary restriction or a need for another accommodation please indicate this on your Medical Authorization and Health History Form by June 2. The University’s  Dietician will reach out to you directly to offer to discuss your dining options. Options could include using an online special meal request system, access to the Allergen Friendly Pantry and guidance navigating the online information and dining halls. In addition, temporary dining accommodations can be provided using a Chef's card that is available on request when you swipe into the main dining hall, the Sharpe Refectory (Ratty). These cards can be used to request a special meal if you arrive on a weekend and have not yet formally arranged accommodations. These cards will enable you to request a meal that is gluten-free or free of the following allergens: shellfish, soy, dairy, nuts, peanuts, eggs, wheat, alcohol and fish. The menu options using this card are more limited and a meal is provided once the card is received, so these meals will take some additional time to prepare. 

Bear Bucks

Bear Bucks Guest Cards allow you to use vending machines. You must purchase a Bear Bucks Guest Card for $1.00 at a Bear Bucks Kiosk. Money should be added to your Bear Bucks Guest Card as needed and in small increments as the unused balance is non-refundable. Please DO NOT add funds/Bear Bucks directly to your Brown ID card. 

Bear Bucks Kiosks to purchase Bear Bucks Guest Cards are available to you at the following locations on campus. 

  • Sharpe Refectory
  • Stephen Robert ‘62 Campus Center
  • Brown Bookstore
  • Emery Woolley Hall

Lost and Found

The lost and found is located at the Department of Public Safety 401-863-1663. Items of value left behind, such as jewelry, money and laptop computers will be turned in and students should call the DPS office to retrieve lost items.

Campus Improvements

Students attending Brown Pre-College on campus programs may encounter campus improvement efforts, including, but not limited to, construction, painting and grounds maintenance. Wherever possible, Brown University and Brown Pre-College have taken steps to mitigate the impact of such projects on Pre-College participants.

You are responsible for abiding by all pre-college policies and guidelines while participating in the program. These include policies listed on the policy page as well as any policies shared with you by Student Life staff and instructors. Please also review the financial policies, including payment and refund information.

If your in-person course is longer than one week, you will receive a Course Performance Report from your instructor and you in turn will be asked to complete a course evaluation upon completion of the course. If you successfully complete your program you will receive a Certificate of Completion. All completion materials including the Course Performance Report will be sent out in September. The certificate will be sent via US Mail to your listed address and the Course Performance Report will be sent electronically to the email address we have on file for you.